Saturday, 11 February 2012

New game ideas

So if there are enough people that are willing to buy a game that I make I wont mind making them. Here are some ideas and the projected price of a game based on it.

  • Monster Arena. type: RPG. not much adventuring. Just battles upon battles in an arena. plenty of monster smex and RPG type fighting in this one.  Projected price:$25
  • Teacher Tease. type:adventure. You play a teacher of an all boys school. There's alot of cock available and not just from the boys.  Projected price:$15
  • Family Photo 2. type:adventure. you play a son out to get payback on your ex-friend for having sex with your mom. Projected price:$15
  • Home. type:adventure. You play a girl that survives a sinking ship alone and end up far away from home with no money. Try to get back home without money. Project price:$30 might not do this one since it involves alot of building...and i dnt like building much.