Thursday, 25 July 2013

maps sketches

 The living room

 The kitchen

 the bed room

the outside world

America's Next Top Slut


Overview (these things are things I will not readily change as they are the core of the game)

 game will be made in flash (as2.0 as I am accustomed using)
  • player has 60 days to play. (in game days)
  • actions in the game uses up hours and stamina.
  • you knock out (KO) when your stamina reaches 0
  • resting (sleeping/naps/knocked out) will restore stamina and advance time.
  • actions during the game will be  given points in terms of achievements which will contribute to your total score at the end of the game.
  • your player is an average sexy female.
  •  Lust is the mechanic in the game that unlocks more actions
  • lust is reduced by sleeping, KO or some other cause

Character Abilities

You can choose one of these abilities when you start your game
  •  hypersensitivity- lust builds up faster than usual
  •  hypersexuality- triggers certain events easier
  • fertile- very easy to get pregnant
  • very tight- who wouldn't want tight holes?
  • stretchy-can take on the big guns
  • sexy- easier to seduce people
  • preggo- ~7months pregnant
  • exhibitionist- lust increases wearing revealing clothes
  • nympho- higher base stamina 

Character stats

Stats in game
  • Time -days past and current hour
  • stamina- most actions are dependent on stamina.
  • lust-most sexual encounters are dependent on lust
  • libido- affects how fast lust builds
  • oral-condition an amount of use
  • vaginal-condition and amount of use
  • anal-condition and amount of use
  • hygiene- shows physical state, clean is better most of the times ;)


you have the choice at the start of the game between three levels of...difficulty (can be adjusted)
  1. you have $2000 in the bank
  2. you get $200 every 7 days
  3. you get $500 every 7 days


 these are the actions (for now) that can be done in your apartment


  • make food to replenish stamina
  • buy food to replenish stamina

Living room

  • phone-call people you met already
  • watch tv- pass hours
  • take a nap- replenish some stamina, 2 hours pass
  • use computer
    • watch porn, increases lust
    • masturbate, reduced lust
    • find people to play with
    • other entertainment


  • sleep- 8hours pass, stamina fully regen
  • wardrobe-change clothes
  • masturbate


  • take a bath- restores hygiene

 Front door

leave apartment to go somewhere else.


Mall (open from 10 am to 6pm)

  • buy new clothes
  • buy food
  • others?

 Bar (open from 6pm to 4am)

  • meet people
  • buy drinks
  • others?

 Sex shop (opens from 11am to 9pm)

  • buy toys
  • gloryhole
  • buy sexy clothes
    • thong $15
    • lingerie $60
    • g-string $20
    • crotchless panties $25
    • pasties $20 (one time use)


  • gown $500
  • bikini $30
  • blouse $20
  • boots $40
  • bra $20
  • catsuit $100
  • coat $80
  • corset $80
  • dress $120
  • jeans $50
  • panties $15
  • shorts $30
  • stockings $15
  • onepiece swimsuit $80
  • tights $40
  • pants $30
  • skirts $30

that's all the details so far in the game. Anything anyone wants added just comment here and we will see how we can incorporate it. i am very sure there are alot of other things I can put in.
Started a new project. here's the banner:

A new game! here's the rundown.
player is an aspiring slut and to prove it she goes on the new hit game show America's next top slut! so what's the deal? she has 60 days to be the sluttiest of them all! points will be tallied at the end of the show (unless you hit a bad end before the time is up), the winner gets all the money and cock she'd ever want...ever. It is meant to be a funny game unlike my other games.

hit me up in comments and let me know your ideas. I will be posting different aspects of the game here so you all can follow along and add your own ideas.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Invisible nipples!! testing out my wacom bamboo tablet. she looks angry..i would be angry if i had no nipples too babe