Saturday, 2 April 2011

Commission: Neliel and Haibel

Commission done for Hayame from Hentai Foundry.


  1. Mrawr...

    You don't have any comment ? Anywhere ? o_O *chocked*

    Your drawings are still improving... It's awesome. I LOVE this picture !

    ... Halibel... Anal... Horse... Centaur... Okay, there were too many things which are turning me on. BUT the colors, the shadows and the pencils are really beautiful.

    I really hope you will continue to post such pictures !

    (And I wish I knew you before, when you were still creating your games. *sighs* I only found an old version of the little RPG. With not really good pictures/animations. The ideas were really cool !)

  2. thanks :) still trying to get better and better.