Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Started the Battle System

Began creating the Turn based battle system for the game. It will be 3 v 3 max so yes, recruiting help will be possible now as compared to mythcomplexity2. As of now I have established the player and enemy stats and can render which ever one I need to the screen. Keeping a checklist here because it helps :p

  • establishing the turn based procedure
  • rendering the battle menu when it is the player's turn
  • Attack, defend and flee functions
  • item menu and functions
  • magic/skill menu and functions
  • create functions for various enemy AI so it can be called conditionally
  • game over and rewards (gold, exp, items)


  1. battling? that's new for me, i thought the game would be similar to Jordan 500 and so XD

  2. had to google that. What I am making right now is the skeleton of a game, so in the future, if i want to add a battle mechanism I can do so easily. ANTS is a more sim game than a visual novel type without any battle mechanics.

    1. sorry my fault >//<

      that's exactly what i was thinking about ANTS, hence my question

      thx mister