Friday, 28 February 2014

First screenshots

First Chapter in Mythcomplexity3. Everything drawn and animated by me. (so if its not all that then go figure) also mandatory advertisement

new game in progress, check it out at

The game will be free but those who wish to contribute any amount can email me. For those that contribute amounts stated below will have a reward:

>$100 : Their OC as an NPC in game. Complete with  avatar art I will email to you. 10/10 slots open.
>$200: Their OC as an NPC with a sidequest and HCG ending. Art will be emailed to you. 5/5 slots open.
>$300: Their OC as an enemy with HCG ending if win and lose. 3/3 slots open.
>$500: Their OC as a party member. complete with side quest to obtain them and HCG for monsters of your choosing. 3/6 slots open.

email me at:

crowdfunding for Swegabe's Legend of Queen Opala-Origins game! help out here!

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